Saturday, June 26, 2010

Romeo and Luigi - Their Ongoing Medical Saga

"....ahhhh, well, the good news is that Luigi is completely clear of the dreaded big "C" and according to the Surgeon, Dr. Woolfson and the wonderful staff of Medway Animal Hospital, Medway, MA., the margins were clear and then some.  As it turned out, they also removed a "fatty" tumor on his neck and aspirated two other extremely small cysts and all were negative for anything "bad".  This has given my family and I and especially my elderly Aunt, who spends her days with him, the greatest feeling of joy and relief!  The incisions look great and are healing well with minimal scar tissue and he is now pain free and off of all "comfort" meds.  We will continue to check him him on a regular basis for any future occurence of a cyst or tumor but the Vet feels that the prognosis is good and that he should continue to do very well!  However, since there is no way to be sure that he will never again develop another Mast Cell Tumor or something similar, I will faithfully be "eyeballin" his body!

As for Romeo, his surgery is forthcoming during the next 7 - 10 days and the truth is that he is off of all pain meds and only takes an occasional "Bufferin" if he seems to be in pain or is limping mpre than ususal.  While this is not an indication that he is getting better (a cranial cruciate ligament tear cannot heal itself), it is great that he is not experiencing very much pain while waiting for the surgery.  I do notice that he is very careful to keep most of the weight off of his left hind leg and although I worry about the other hind leg taking the brunt of the weight, he is in excellent physical condition and has great musculature so that helps him overall.  I will report back after the surgery and will provide specific details!"

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