Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Talented Rider, A Great Person & A Wonderful Friend

My friend, Lindsey Canesi, is a young woman I met when she purchased a Thoroughbred from the barn where Valie is boarded. Despite a huge age difference between us, we became very close friends. It was then that I rapidly grew to rely upon her expertise as a horsewoman and even her wisdom as a friend. It's always special when you meet someone so young, yet they are so intelligent and ever-so-wise plus they have a golden heart as well! When I find myself upset about anything, Linds is there for me, comforting me and helping me to feel that everything is going to be all-right! Wow, talk about role reversal, when it should be me, the Auntie figure in her life, talking care of her. But the truth is that I am commited to being there for her when she needs me!

Anyway, up until the time she moved her horse to a stable that was more akin to the type of riding she was going to do, we had a lot of fun and shared a lot of time helping one another at the barn. I am happy to report that she and I have remained friends and I wish her nothing but the best; however, she is one young woman that is going places in life so remember the name, Lindsey Canesi, because I'm sure you'll hear it in the future or see it in print or.......who knows, maybe you'll even see her on television!

Anyway, I want to take a moment to post a photo of her and her wonderful off-track Thoroughbred, Sweet William. They recently went to their first show of the 2008 season at Azrael Acres here in Massachusetts and they did very well. So, with that said, "Please allow me to introduce Lindsey and William!

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