Friday, November 26, 2010

Four Winds Farm - Our New Home

"....after much personal chaos, family illness, that of my immediate family and myself, and everything that goes with a close family going through "tough times", I am back-to-blogging because life has granted me a reprieve from the intense responsibility of worrying about family and self and caring for others while attempting to recover and maintain my own health.  But, since this blog is supposed to be about Valie and I, I shall reserve the gory health details for another point in time, a time when I just can't find anything to say about "all things equine" (will that ever happen?).

I also want to take a moment to thank those of you that wrote support notes both here on my blog and via personal email!  I am finding that I look forward to visiting my follower's blogs and am also looking forward to getting to know ya'll a little better as time goes on.  I wonder if it's possible to make new friends, across-the-country, in this manner.  But, if the comments and blogs I've had the pleasure of reading are any indication of the wonderful people that blog and check in here, I am beginning to believe that friendships can be developed this way and that is definitely something I will cultivate in the future!

So, with that said, let me announce that Valie and I have finally made the move to a new barn!  The above captioned photo depicts the driveway entry to the property and as you can see, the name of the farm is "Four Winds Farm" and it's located in North Oxford, Massachusetts.  I know that I had not talked about moving other than to tell you about a friend of mine that was having his own share of "barn" difficulties.  But, the truth is that the barn I came from, Legacy Stable in Mendon, Massachusetts, was wonderful and the care was great as was the facility itself.  The primary reason for the move is because I am looking at hardly being able to ride over the winter while recovering from my surgery and the other health issues and that I was hoping to find someone to do some catch rides on Valie as well as some schooling rides on him by a trainer.  The problem is that Legacy Stable is primarily a saddleseat barn and specializes in Morgans and Arabians and since the Vee-Boy is a Thoroughbred, I thought it would be best to move to a barn that works with TB's as well as rides in the same discipline that I do (Hunter/Jumper).  The truth is that I really had a hard time coming to the decison to move and leaving the owners/trainers at Legacy, Mike and Liz Murphy, was very difficult as I call them "friends", admire them very much and also, had it not been for them, I would have never made my re-entry into horse ownership as smooth as it was 4 years ago, without their knowledge and assistance!  But, putting Valie first as well as giving him an opportunity at a huge turnout with grass in the summer and an owner/trainer, Jamie Blash, that is an excellent trainer/rider, I am quite secure in the decision I've made. 

The night I went to visit the farm for the first time, only a mere half hour into the tour, I began to feel safe with Ms. Blash and knew my horse would be in good hands.  Some of those feelings stemmed from the visual of the tremendous condition of the farm, the well fed horses that were happily munching lots of hay in their clean stalls and the happy boarders and students, all indicators of a top-notch facility and a hint of the great care my horse would surely receive.  Another interesting observation was noticing that Jamie was genuinely warm and welcoming and let's face it, that's something you don't always find in barn owners/trainers.  In other words, I immediately and completely "hit it off" with her and truly speaking, I knew right then and there that I had found our new home!  So, as of this upcoming Monday, we will celebrate our 2 Week anniversary at Four Winds Farm and as I get back in the saddle again, I will chronicle my journey while navigating my body back into "riding mode".  I ask you to come along for the ride and I promise you that we'll share a few laughs as I recount what I'm sure will be many-a-blunder as I try to get back to my previous level of riding!

I will close for this evening but will be back shortly with more to come from "The Adventures of Cathy and Valie at Four Winds Farm"!