Thursday, July 29, 2010

Romeo - His Ongoing Medical Saga

I am very sad this evening, I watch my little Brittany, Romeo, as he eats his dinner, while balancing on 3 legs.  He carefully holds his 4th leg, the one with the ligament tear, slightly off the floor and believe me when I tell you that watching that with the knowledge that he's in pain is truly heartbreaking for me.  We are now a little over a month into the waiting game for surgery, having had to wait until his blood work was back to normal and now that he is 100% healthy otherwise, he's getting his shots up-to-date and finally his groomer of many years, Jen, the manager of PetSmart Grooming in Bellingham, MA (who I highly recommend) will be called to get the requisite "clipping of the nails" done prior to surgery.  And lastly, we shall go back to the animal hospital for one more consultation and then my baby-boy will have his surgery and.......not a second too soon!

I have digressed away from the topic of "The Adventures of Cathy and Valie" but doing that was necessary.  Since life has a way of putting many obstacles in my path, sort of like an ongoing test to prove to the powers-that-be that I am strong and can handle anything (far from the truth), in one's month time, I lost my cat of 18 years, my beautiful little Cali, to old age, my Mom has moved to a nursing home, my Aunt (who is like a Mother to me) is facing heart valve replacement surgery and of course dealing with the health crisis of Romeo and Luigi.  I am thankful that my horse is thriving and even though I am only able to get to the stable a few times a week right now, he always whinnies to me when I walk in calling his name and he gets the best of care by "Team Legacy."

I had hoped to relate the events of this past month in more detail but exhaustion has a way of forcing me to realize that I am up waaaaaaay past my bedtime!  So, until next time, I shall sign off with thanks to all my dear friends, the ones that are always there when I need them!

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