Monday, September 2, 2013


Here's a Hot, Humid, Summer's Day photo that depicts my boy, Valie, thoroughly enjoying a shower!
This photo does double duty - for one it shows you a horse that's truly enjoying himself while also reminding us that it's time to say, "Bye, Bye" to summer while simultaneously opening the door to the pleasure of  riding in New England in the Fall! 

And as for Liz, my friend and BO, the change of seasons is especially delightful because she no longer has to worry about hosing down all the horses.  And, since Valie is the only one that loves getting wet and the others give her a very hard time, that difficult aspect of horse care-taking is over until next year (unless, of course, we experience an Indian Summer!).

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rest In Peace, Elena Asunta Yung

"'s been a long time since I've even visited my blog much less made an entry herein.  But, with so many changes in my life and a renewed devotion to riding, it's time to put the fingertips to the keyboard.  However, this post will not be related to horses and although I will return to blogging-all-things-equine in a day or two, I am devoting tonight's Blogger re-entry to the sudden death of Elena Asunta Young, a beautiful young woman that was about to become my daughter-in-law and whom, along with my son, had already given me the gift of three beautiful grandchildren.  I have chosen to copy a Mother's Day entry I made on Facebook because even though it's a few weeks old, it continues to mirror the very essence of how I am feeling and surviving.

"....on this Mother's Day, it is with a broken heart and unspeakable sadness that I write to let my Facebook friends know that my son, Ricky Dellacanonica, lost his fiancĂ©e, the love of his life, the beautiful and kind hearted, Elena "Lena" Yung, when she passed away on Wednesday, May 8th, of this past week.

In addition to leaving my son and myself, she leaves the children, Elijah Nieves, 8 years old, Isaiah Dellacanonica, 5 years old and Jordan Dellacanonica, 8 months old. She also leaves her wonderful parents, people I call friends and family, Ed and Kathy Yung, her brother Ryan Yung and many other family members and friends.

How are we supposed to accept a tragedy of this proportion? A 28 year old woman, so pretty, so talented and with so much to live for is suddenly and inextricably taken from everyone that loves her. And, in a split second of time, we are left to grieve a loss so monumental that words and expressions cannot even begin to describe how we feel."

Friday, January 4, 2013

Musings at Midnight

When I allow myself to think about the fact that I have not seen my Valentino for 6 weeks, I am saddened to the point of tears and to say that this pneumonia has "kicked my butt" is putting it mildly!  My most recent chest x-ray shows improvement but a nodule, albeit smaller, still remains in my lung and although I am better, the exhaustion continues to keep me from driving the distance to the barn.  I thank the heavens that he is at my best friend's private farm and had it not been for her and the excellent care she provides and the love she shows my horse, I would never have been able to concentrate on my recovery.  I am hoping that by this time next week that I will be on my way to the barn or at least planning a day when I can finally get there.  I can tell you that when I have a body that's actually up and running again, there will be no time wasted - all free time will be devoted to my grandkids, my dogs and my horse (and not always in that order).

Anyway, I thought I would devote today's posting to an old friend/trainer/instructor who was instrumental in getting me re-programmed back into horse ownership when Valie came into my life.  Her name is Liz Murphy and along with her husband, the wonderful Mike Murphy, they own and operate Legacy Stables in Mendon, Massachusetts.  Legacy is an incredible Morgan training and showing facility and to say that I think the world of them as it relates to the genuine "goodness" of these people along with their work ethic, their devotion to all the horses in their care, to the boarders and to the students is something that stays consistent and does not change with their ever-growing success as a stable and in the show ring, even on a National level.

I must admit that I was not one of Legacy's easiest students because as a woman in my early 50's, I constantly questioned my decision to become a horse owner again.  However, it was because of their faith and continued support in my endeavors or should I say my baby-steps, that when I finally moved on to a barn more fitting to Thoroughbreds and the Hunter/Jumper and then my discipline, Dressage, I was finally able to begin to recapture my former confidence and become the rider I used to be as a younger adult.  I can honestly say that this change came about because so much of the wisdom that Liz instilled in me during lessons, stayed with me, as I began anew elsewhere. 

So, without further delay, I bring you what I deem to be an incredible video (by JAS Equine Productions) of Liz in the show ring and with Liz's beauty, that of the horse she is riding, the dynamic music and the incredible performance that showcases her riding talent, this is one video that will make you stand up and pay attention!

Dragonsmeade Days Go On
And The Beat Goes On X HVK Noble Wine
Shown by
Elizabeth Murphy
Legacy Stables, Mendon, MA

BY JASEquine Productions