Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Overwhelmed With Grief

"....just a short note to let my friends know that my Mom passed away on Monday evening, it was sudden and unexpected and I am overwhelmed with grief.  My Mom has always been my best friend, we never, ever went even one night without talking or seeing one another, she was always the biggest cheerleader in my life, she never let me down and her love for me, my son, our family and her friends could have easily filled all of space and time and....I only hope that I was as good a daughter as she was a Mother.  I cannot imagine my life without her and I pray, with all my heart, that she is in a beautiful place with my Dad and our other deceased family members because that is the only solace I have at this time.  And for those of you, my close friends, that have not heard from me personally, please know that I am barely able to speak right now and in this case, I am grateful for venues like Blogspot and Facebook and the ability of these sites to reach so many people at one time. Thanks for listening."