Sunday, June 13, 2010

Early Morning Sadness

I was just about to post a brand new blog topic titled, "Tall Boot Shopping Dilemmas", when two of my dogs were dignosed with major medical problems.  So, the "tall boot" shopping story had to be put on the shelf in wait for a less stressful time.  I haven't been able to even sign on to my computer much less post about a frivilous topic such as "my quest to find the perfect tall boot".

So, with that said, let me say that my emotionally soft but hard-driving pointing breed, hunting dog, Romeo (he's a Brittany) experienced a complete Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear. He landed wrong after a leap while playing, screamed in pain and was then unable to put any pressure on his left hind leg. After taking all the at-home steps to determine if this injury required Vet care or if it was something that rest-at-home could help, I decided that a trip to Tuft's School of Veterinary Medicine (one of New England's premiere Vet Hospitals), was needed and who knew that my most horrific fears would be realized when I heard the diagnosis, Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear.  Well, my heart sank and my stomach did a "flip-flop"!

So, with that said, he will be undergoing reconstructive surgery next week.  And, as such, I am so fearful that his quality of life will be affected after the procedure and am also having a hard time "keeping the faith". In other words, I am very frightened about the impending surgery and very worried despite everyone, including the Vet's, best efforts to reassure me and then........right on the heels of that tragedy, a routine visit for my comedian Luigi, a German Shorthair Pointer, a dog that will have you laughing in minutes and then gasping as he runs like the wind and screeches to a halt, on point, after he's scented a pheasant; well, his routine visit uncovered a lump on his side and upon aspiration, it was deemed a "Mast Cell Tumor" (the big "C") and he underwent surgery at 9:00 this morning. And now, deep in worry that it has spread to major organs has me "Sleepless in Massachusetts" and unable to do anything but comtemplate what the day will be like and what the outcome will be for both of my dogs as the weeks go on.
"I shall return again when I have received the results of Luigi's pathology report and after Romeo has his surgery.  Moreover, to whomever reads this blog post, thanks for listening!

"....Romeo waiting for us to pack up and leave after an early morning Pheasant hunt!"

"Luigi and I after winning another leg toward the completion of our AKC Hunt Test title!"

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