Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays & More!

"....i still feel that heartwarming emotion when I receive notes of encouragement and nice comments from my virtual friends here at!  I continue to marvel at this whole blogging process - you are able to catch a glimpse of people and their lives just by visiting their blogs!  As I've said before, finding that you can really begin the process of forging friendships and getting to know a fellow blogger, just by keeping up with daily or even weekly site visits is definitely handy when one doesn't communicate in a more traditional fashion.  So, now that I have some free time because of the Christmas season (the last surgery is on hold until the new year, I have a break from the dentist and even from the myriad of hospital tests), I'm finally able to spend time on my computer again!  And, I shall look forward to visiting your blogs and even commenting too as we continue with the ongoing process of getting to know one another!

I'm not yet back to riding, (I must wait until I have my bladder surgery and then the subsequent recovery process will further hinder my return-to-riding until late Winter/early Spring), I still maintain that it's critical to spend time with your horse, even if it's a hand walk, time spent grooming or even just hanging out with him in his stall.  But, since I'm used to having my guy stabled no more than 10 - 15 minutes from my home, now that he's approx. 30 - 40 minutes from home, it's been hard to get to the barn and I miss him terribly.  I sometimes find myself agonizing over whether or not the move to the new barn was premature but then I remember the benefits and also Valie has gained weight, made some great new turnout friends and is one happy Thoroughbred! 

On another note, I am happy to announce that my two grandsons, ages 3 & 5, are now riding at Four Winds Farm.  The 5 year old is actually taking lessons and the 3 year old gets a little leadline time at the end of the older child's lesson.  Please enjoy the photos I've posted of both boys!  Elijah is the older boy and Isaiah is the younger one, they are both horse crazy and forgive my if I sound like a proud Grandmother, but Elijah's posting trot is just incredible!  My little Isaiah will formally begin lessons when he turns 4 and I look forward to the day that the three of us ride together!  So, my question for the week is, What do you think of placing small children on a horse (with a helmet on their wee little heads, of course!) and what about lessons, etc.  I ask this question because some of my non-horsey friends are questioning my sanity and I would like to get a take on what you guys think!  Please don't hesitate to be brutally honest if you don't agree with my decisions to back their "horse fever"!"

Isaiah Dellacanonica
Introducing my youngest Grandson, 3 year old Isaiah, in his barn owned helmet!
I plan to get him fitted for a brand new helmet when he officially begins lessons.

Introducing 5 year old Elijah, my oldest Grandson, and his mount for the day (a very trusty school horse!) and in the rear is Caitlin O'Neill, FWF's Barn Manager and she's a talented Instructor as well!