Sunday, May 3, 2009

Valie Hits The Road

The miracle of photography has managed to capture Valie simulating what would have been his gallant effort to run home and be united with Lilly and William, that is if he had been left behind, at another barn, while his "best buds" moved to our new farm without him!

The following statement is an excerpt from my most previous post, "I have chosen to stay on here, in Milford, Massachusetts, with my horse boarded nearby. I'm staying here because I'm commited to living in the family home with my elderly Mom and Aunt. However, I will travel back and forth on weekends until such time that it becomes necessary for me to move to the farm!" and since I promised to keep everyone apprised of our happenings here "on the farm" and the above situation has changed, I suppose that constitutes an update! So, I will tell you what I'm doing and why I had to modify my original plans!
I decided that it was in my best interest (due to some behind the scenes issues) and that of Valie to make the move to our new home. I believe that it's possible to maintain two seperate residences, spend the weekends on the farm and the work week at home with my Mom and my Aunt! Plus, when I thought about it, I felt that it would be extremely unfair to separate Valie from his "Amigos"; so with that said, he ended up at his new home - finally! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the photo Lindsey took of Valie in our round pen, making a "mad dash" for William and Lily, all I could imagine was Valie breaking out of some boarding barn (as it was we were going to be at Azrael Acres which is not far from our farm) and....he would have waited until feeding time and then slipped out of his stall door as he was getting fed and off he would have gone, traveling down Route 16 through Douglas, MA and then into Pascoag, RI at the speed of a Kentucky Derby contender and....just so he could get to his "best buds" as fast as possible! You know, that horse of mine is a real character!