Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boarding Woes - Absolutely Hysterical!

This "YouTube" horse-related video is one of the funniest I've ever seen!  Unfortunately, I believe that it's a tail, errrr, I mean, a tale that many stable owners have surely experienced!  So, what do you think, has anyone ever encountered a potential boarder like this one!

Thanks to Cedar Crest Farm for this evening's entertainment!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Last Few Days of Winter

Epoch and Valie

photographed by Kyle Rao, at Four Winds Farms in North Oxford, MA, these two buddies were enjoying one of the last winter days here in New England!

Epoch (on the left), owned and loved by Haley Becker and of course my Valie, are depicted here enjoying turnout time together.  Haley and Epoch make a great team and they "shine" on the show circuit! 

When Valie first arrived at FWF, he immediately attached himself to this handsome Chestnut and from there on in, they were inseperable.   When we had our own farm and then at several boarding barns, Valie has always gravitated toward only one or two close buddies and while he hates to leave them, it is not the whole herd that he misses, it's usually just that one special horse!  When I used to ride during the day, taking him out of turnout and away from his buds was not a good thing and........when I was finally mounted and ready to begin, he would "scream" for his friends, his head going straight up in the air; thus, forcing me to feel as if I was losing control at a rapid pace.  One day, when he chose this type of behavior for our jumping off point, I found myself singing to him (the first tune I sang was "Just In Time", an old Jazz song) and while I did attract a fair amount of attention (not all good, I'm sure), my singing calmed him and we then got down to the business of schooling!

In any case, I chose to insert this little tidbit because I have not posted for awhile and after a bit of commotion caused by the "Tall Boot Dilemma" (news of the story carried to far reaching places!), I thought that this filler would be a good segueway for what's forthcoming!   I'm working on a new blog feature that will focus on the people in my life and their relation to our equestrian lifestyle.  So, please look for the upcoming addition of "Team Members" and with that, have a wonderful holiday today and I will definitely return soon!