Monday, February 13, 2012

From My Heart to Yours

"....mere words cannot describe the feelings I experienced when I read the responses to the post about my Mom's death.  I've said this before but it still continues to amaze me that a group of virtual buddies, here on blogspot, can actually come to care about each other just by reading about one another's life-on-blog!  I only wish that I could meet all of you to give hugs and thanks in-person, those people who commented publicly and those who sent private emails, all of you are so wonderful and all of you had so many kind, warm and comforting words for me and I give thanks to each and every one of you. 

I am still feeling the sudden and devastating loss of my best friend, my Mom and although I continue to hear that it will get better, it will take time, this too shall pass, etc., etc., etc., it just doesn't feel that way right now.  My solace comes from spending time with my dogs and my horse and one or two close family members and friends.  I don't mind feeling the grief as I know it's a natural process but envisioning the idea that I will never again see my Mom or talk with her is extremely hard to accept.

I will close for now and will return with more of "The Adventures of Cathy & Valie" in the near future."