Monday, August 24, 2009

Rest In Peace - Beautiful Lily

The Three Amigos
(L - R Lily, William & Valie)

The Beautiful Lily
On Thursday, July 30th, we here at Sunflower Meadows Farm (and most importantly, Lindsey and Megan) lost the beautiful, 17.1 hand Thoroughbred Mare, Lily, to a very severe case of colic.....Godspeed Lily, you are truly missed.
The above captioned announcement was all I could write as I posted to other boards about Lily's demise........because what can you really say about the loss of a beloved horse. The heart-wrenching story will be told but it is too soon to recount the facts in writing. In addition to grieving her loss, we also worried about how Valie and William would hande the fact that their 3rd amigo was no longer with them. The reality of the situation was compounded by this worry because these three horses had been inseperable for a long time and as such, our grief was two-fold as we watched our horses realize that their "lead mare" was gone.
...when I finally post the details of "that" day, I will also include an in-depth update about SMF and the lives of Valentino and Sweet William. Thanks to everyone that sent condolences to Sunflower Meadows Farm.

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