Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Just Love That Horse!

There are times, throughout the course of a day, when my mind wanders to my horse. I tend to think of his most recent antics or yet another accident he's just experienced (He's a bit accident prone and thank God the accidents are usually minor) and sometimes I just think about him, his facial expressions or what he means to me and well, the list goes on. However, once in awhile I find myself thinking, sometimes out loud, just how much I love my Valie. "Ohhhh, I just love that horse" is what my non-equestrian friends must listen to from time to time and at least, by now, they no longer attempt to pull me into the "Cathy, it's JUST a horse" conversation because they know it's a losing battle. And that is especially true because it is then that I become the best damn, used care salesman that ever lived. They are forced to listen to me as I extol the virtues of my horse, how great he is, how cute he is, what he means to me and most important, just how much he's changed my life over the course of the past three years. True, I never thought that I would be an honest-to-goodness horse owner again especially after so many years and it's also true that his presence did add another dimension to my life, another hobby, an enjoyable activity and one that is healthy for me too! But, the truth is that I have met so many wonderful "horse" people, people I wouldn't have met had it not been for suddenly finding myself a member of the "Horse Onwers Club" again. Many of these new friendships have been and continue to be remarkable and many of these people are now lifelong friends that share an interest with me that many lay-people just don't understand and let's face it, that's BIG!

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