Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When One Door Closes....

....after months of speculation, tension, negotiations and finally "failure to launch", it is now official, Sunflower Meadows Farm (herein known as "SMF") has closed its doors in one location and is in the process of moving to a new out-of-state location! The weeks leading up to leaving our North Grafton, Massachusetts venue was nothing short of horrible. Many boarders that came with us over to what was originally known as Dragonfly Equestrian Center and then SMF, did not want to stay without us and new boarders, that were acquired over time, didn't want to stay unless we were there. So, with that said, there was a mad scramble to find new homes for all the horses because our new farm won't be operational until May 1st or even later. Some boarders opted to find temporary backyard boarding barns while others settled into small and even big, show stables. As for Lindsey and I, our dear friend Liz Thacker of "Elizabeth Thacker Performance Horses", kindly made room for our three Thoroughbreds (Valie, William and Lilly) in her small but very beautiful, clean and safe barn and Lindsey's colt, Jack, is having a temporary sleep-over at another friend's barn. And, if all goes as planned, Lindsey will move into the home on our new farm with her horses and we will begin the business of getting SMF off the ground again at this new location. Even though this endeavor will be a three-jointed-effort, with myself, Lindsey and our other business partner, Cathy Fleming, I have chosen to stay on here, in Milford, Massachusetts, with my horse boarded nearby. I'm staying here because I'm commited to living in the family home with my elderly Mom and Aunt. However, I will travel back and forth on weekends until such time that it becomes necessary for me to move to the farm!

Anyway, we were very lucky to find an incredible property with 40 acres of land and at a cost that is far less than market value too! The farm has two barns with stalls, a round pen, a riding ring and a covered arena and a home so beautiful that it was featured in a state magazine! I feel confident that this was meant to be and there is no doubt that "things" will be different this time because rather than leasing the property, we will soon own the property! So, as the title says, "When one door closes", in our case, "another one opened almost immediately" and to say that we are blessed is a true understatement! As we begin to make headway toward the "Grand Opening" of our new farm, I will post progress reports, updates, etc. as they happen!

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