Monday, March 2, 2009

New Ventures

"....another photo of my handsome Thoroughbred, Class Always Shows."

Well; here it is, a little over several months of being at a new farm and now it seems as if there is a possibility that I might become a bit more than just a boarder! Of course, an undertaking like this could not be accomplished without the help of the best Barn Manager on earth and that's my very good friend, Lindsey Canesi!

Lindsey continues to amaze me with her expertise and her ability to manage a barn of such proportions, she is calm and cool under pressue but explodes with energy when the moment calls for such an action. Further still, even though she is quite young, her equine knowledge far surpasses many other people that are much older than she is. All in all, you could not find a better caretaker for your horse if you are in a situation wherein
boarding is your only option.

So, should this venture take place, you will soon see our website change, ever-so-slightly, to reflect that she and I are now partners here at Sunflower Meadows Farm in North Grafton, Massachusetts. SMF is a wonderful facility that is "home", in more ways than one, to all of us that board, ride and train there!

Please "click on" the following link to see our farm:

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