Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunflower Meadows Equestrian - Lindsey M. Canesi

It's with great pleasure that I bring this announcement to my blog!  My boy Valie and I have entered "boot camp" for the next several months with my Friend and Trainer/Instructor extraordinaire, Lindsey Canesi of Sunflower Meadows Equestrian.  You can find information about Lindsey on her website and you can also find her on Facebook, where she details the daily happenings at the farm!

SME is located at the beautiful Spring Garden Farm, owned by Kerri Arruda and located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

The following photos shown are of Lindsey in the irons as well as several pics of the beautiful farm!  We have the good fortune of being able to train in the incredible indoor arena or outside in the Dressage Ring or on any number of beautiful trails that begin right on the property.  Further still, the turnout is incredible and my boy gets to enjoy "grass" grazing!  And, he is one happy camper!  However, I must also tell you that the reason we entered said "boot camp" is because things slowly slipped out of my control while at my friend Liz's barn.  But, let it be noted that Valie's bad behavior is no reflection on the level of extraordinary care that Liz provided.  Apparently Valie seemed to think that he no longer had to and certainly no longer wanted to "work" anymore.  Hmmmm, somehow in that handsome head of his, he decided that he was retired and that meant, no rules applied to him.  The once docile horse I know and love became hard to handle, pushy and even somewhat dangerous.  I blame myself for this change in behavior because I was experiencing so many health and personal issues that I was no longer able to devote the same amount of time to him that I had for so many years but........things are already on the upswing and I have high hopes for a positive outcome!  Moreover, being that this beautiful farm is a very long drive for me, almost 1 hour/15 minutes from my house to the barn, being in "boot camp" is only temporary and when he "graduates" we will move him even closer to me than before!

November 1, 2014

Valie's days at boot camp have ended and while we did accomplish our goal, reverting "bad boy" behavior back to "good boy" behavior, other goals were not met and he did not fare well during his period of encampment.   Anyway, we are now in our new home, Sunset Hill Farm in Dayville Connecticut and I will blog about said move and our new barn very soon!

"Over Fences"
Lindsey and Luna


 "....presenting  a few pics of the beautiful Spring Garden Farm, located in Rehoboth, MA and owned by Kerri Arruda!"

....view of the pasture turnouts, the barn and the indoor from across the pond

 ....the incredible tack room

                                                                    ....the spacious indoor         

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