Saturday, December 15, 2012

From The Horse's Mouth - Dave Ribeiro

*photo credit to Equine Dental Services

I have Bacterial Pneumonia and am now well into the beginning of my 3rd week of being so ill that's it's an effort to walk from the bed to the bathroom.  I wonder how someone, like myself, who always dresses carefully for all types of weather, could have picked up a cold that turned into this dreaded illness.  I realize that the flu is not the same as pneumonia but I can't help but wonder because after almost 15 years of NOT having a flu shot, I get one this year and in less than a month, I am hit with this debilitating sickness!  Is there any correlation?  The Doctor tells me a resounding, "No"; so, I continue to think about things like, "....was I close to anyone that was ill, did I notice anyone that was coughing, sneezing, etc.?  I just don't remember but I continue to dwell upon the fact that I haven't been sick like this in a gazillion years and I'm annoyed and impatient and missing my horse like crazy!

During this down time, I have taken to making lists, lists of things I have either put off  and/or neglected and I am ashamed to admit that the top item on said list is a dental appointment for Valie.  I figure if I say it out loud, I will commit to making it happen! 

Therefore, without further adieu, please allow me to introduce a man that I like to think of as "the" premiere equine dentist in New England........

I recently realized that Valie is overdue for his visit with the dentist and as such, I am about to send an email to his dentist, Dave Ribeiro of "From The Horse's Mouth", with a plea to come out as soon as possible!  Being in a thoughtful mode this evening, I found myself thinking back upon Valie's previous visits with Dave!  And then, I remembered Valie's past experiences, pre-Dave, and what a nightmare it was for him and for me too.   When I stumbled upon Dave (thanks to Mike and Liz Murphy of Legacy Stables , I found a practitioner that had honed his craft so well that my horse didn't need sedation, even on his very first visit with him.  However, the prior two visits, one with a Vet and the second was with another Equine Dentist, were horrific and gruesome.  The Vet, who had no business practicing dentistry, scared my horse to the point wherein he was literally backed up into the corner of the wall and shaking like crazy!  The second visit was someone who had been touted as a great dentist but he refused to work on my horse unless he was sedated and that would have been fine, had he not scared my horse with his overbearing body language upon just walking up to him and frankly, I too would have requested sedation for myself if that big ol, mean-spirited dentist had walked up to me!

The following is my own testimonial and it was taken directly from Dave's web page:
"Dave, you truly impressed me with your knowledge of....
of equine tooth care and I clearly remember that you took the time to explain what work was done in a manner in which I, as an owner, could easily understand. Moreover, the skill in which you worked on Valie was evident because from the outset, the fact that he didn't need sedation proved that your easygoing manner and the connection you made with him must have earned his trust and put him at ease and that is a gift to the horse and the horse's owner! You made such an impression on me that I felt as if I had to write this testimonial to let you know that your work caused me to stand up, take notice and hold a clear memory of what transpired! You can be certain that I have and will continue to highly recommend you to anyone that needs an "Equine Dentist".”
~Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski

From The Horse's Mouth
Dave Ribeiro, EqDT, IAED-Certified
Cell: 508-846-6065
Office: 508-622-0059


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allhorsestuff said...

Oh sweetie, hope and pray you're better today!!!

After 51 years of never getting a flu shot, I've decided never to. I can't tell you how meant times my clients have told me, they got sick after.
Well, whatever the case, we people do get sick, and it's the nature of things. I'm a natural kinda gal, always pumping fresh, raw and herbs...but I got the flu last year for
2.weeks. So, it happens.

Hope you can see your horsey soon!!! That is a terrible heart ache