Friday, September 28, 2012

I Give Thanks

Cent vom Nordenvalle a/k/a Luigi
"In Deep Thought"

Smooth's Boy a/k/a Romeo and I
"An early morning Quail hunt"

Class Always Shows a/k/a Valie or Valentino
"....soft eyes, a big heart and a gentle soul"
I Give Thanks

"....many years ago, when I was employed at a law firm as a person who prepared and facilitated real estate closings, I met a real estate broker that doubled as a "tarot card" reader!  She repeatedly asked me if I wanted a reading and I always declined (I was never really comfortable with this type of intangible); but, one day when my life was, yet again, in an utter state of havoc, I took her up on the offer. 

Well, the reading was long and complex but the ending was what stood out and was also what has proven to be true time-and-time-again.  She told me to prepare for a lifetime of chaos, a life that would have extreme highs and lows (but mostly lows), a life that would be dictated by others even though I was basically a free spirit, my problems would usually be the result of someone else's misfortune or need.  The truth is that I have experienced this type of life since that reading but there have been two constants that enabled me to be hopeful and........those two constants have always been my dogs and my horses.    When I'm with them, despite the intensity of my everyday life, there are no real ups and downs, everything is manageable and anything that's happened seems like a natural progression of life.  Now, tell me, how wonderful is that?

As a result of my crazzzzzzy life, I have come to depend on my  4-legged "kids" in many different ways.  They provde a safe haven for me, even if I am just "with" them, standing by my horse's head while he looks out his stall door, petting my dogs while I sit on the couch and watch television and any number of other scenarios that includes time spent with them!

So, this little tribute to my partners in life, dogs and horses, is just my way of returning to the blogging board with a message to other like-minded people - although my animals depend on me to make the right decisions for them, it so happens that, in a very tangible way, I depend on them to provide and fulfill similar needs for me".

"....keep your animals close, they will listen to you, they will provide comfort for you and if you believe in them, they will help you believe in yourself!" - Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski


TBDancer said...

I can relate. My life has been like that, as well. Highs and lows and lots of "middles" with animals a constant source of comfort.

Glad you're back ;o)

allhorsestuff said...

Hiya Cathy, so glad to read from you again!!
Kisss your lovely Horse and dog faces for me!
They truly are a saving grace!