Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Aspirations + Actions = Success!

Cathy and Valie are dressed for success in the Hunter ring!

"....sorry, unable to give photo credit because I can't read the artist's name, ugh, that's fine print for ya!"

It never fails, every year at this very time, in the wee hours of the morning, a week or so after the ball has dropped in Times Square, I think of these words, spoken by some unknown author, "The opportunity of life is very special and it moves very quickly.".  And, just as fast as I think about the meaning behind those words, I promise myself that the year ahead won't be spent thinking about last year's missed opportunities or any unfulfilled goals that were left in my wake.  The promises I make to myself, my animals and my wonderful family and friends are important to me and there has to be a creative yet fundamental way to keep my word and still have a shot at meeting my own expectations! 

I often burden myself with the task of trying to do too much.  In other words, my goals, plans, aspirations, hopes, etc., would be impossible to reach even if I were "Wonder Woman" so; this time, I must approach achievement in a very different manner!  The first step is to make certain that I only
focus on one project at a time.  In other words, whatever it is I am planning to do, decide on a goal and reach for it, make a change and actually get it done, whatever, whatever, whatever, I will be wearing blinders and seeing only one task with only one outcome and only then will I go on to the next!  The is the very first baby step of not doing anything to sabotage or overwhelm myself - yeah me! 

So, in the interest of keeping with the premise of my blog, I will begin this new year by focusing on getting Valie and I to our first show, any show at all, in the Spring or the Summer!  So, where do I begin?  I shall begin with getting him groomed to perfection every time I am at the barn.  In the past, I typically used the cold, unfriendly Winter months as an excuse to ease up on the kind of grooming that gets him show-sheen clean!  But, even though it's a ground task, not mounted work, it's just as important to begin the process  of getting his coat ready to transition from Winter to Spring.  I shall pay close attention to his mane and his abundant, beautiful tail and with patient love, I will help him obtain a gleaming lustre so rich that come Spring and then throughout the Summer, his "blood" bay coat will cause people to stand up and take notice! 

After I fall into the routine of being in consistent grooming mode, I will get back to being consistent with lessons for me and training rides for Valie and........will do that with my talented and ever patient Instructor, Caitlin O'Neil.  She better be up for the task (lest she pass out when I begin with such a fervor) because I am diving headlong into doing whatever is necessary to help Valie and I continue to develop as a team of two!  So, while my hands, my back, my seat, my legs, etc. are being scrutinized and worked during lessons and schooling days on our own, my focus will become second nature!  And when I finally begin to feel that cadence, the feeling between him and I that whispers, "we are in synch with one another", I will then be able to get into the "fun stuff"!  What is the "fun stuff" you ask? Well, that's getting down to the business of re-vamping and adding to my show wardrobe!  And that my friends will consist of assessing what I already have and deciding what I will need and then....the shopping!  Oh boy, what fun I'll have while the wallet opens and closes.  My plan is to do as much comparative browsing in online and in-person tack shops before buying and........I will blog about my "finds" as they happen!

"....and lastly, tonight, I will fall asleep with "visions of Tailored Sportsmen Breeches" dancing in my wee little head or better yet, maybe I should dream about wearing the "riding habit" that's pictured above!  Ahhhh, what would George Morris say!"                                                                     

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TBDancer said...

Good to read your posts again (long time!) And I love the poster. I have a lot of equine art, including magazine advertisement tearsheets from the 30s and 40s. Loved the "baggy jods" look.

As for your 2012 aspirations, GOOD ON YOU!! I too have been, um, "inactive" ... for too long. I had shoulder surgery in 2009 and was off for six months (doctor's orders). I'm very obedient when it comes to things like avoiding pain, so I took that six months and it has now stretched into more than two years of basic inactivity with the horse.

I also have an OTTB who is absolutely amazing and wonderful and, at this point, incredibly HAIRY, though he's beginning to shed and so that means grooming him while wearing something OTHER than fleece (;0)

I appreciate your goals and will incorporate them into my own routine. Grooming, clipping, trimming, shedding--all to be done on a daily basis. Easy to do, too, since he lives about 30' away.

I'm adopting your blog title, as well, as my mantra. Let's BOTH get into the lesson ring --at least--before this year is over.