Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gucci & The Equestrian Fashionista

"....please allow me to post my personal disclaimer before delving any further into the world of equestrian fashion!  In other words, I want ya'll to know that even though I was browsing riding gear on eBay, I wasn't, am not now and never will be interested in this helmet! 

But hey, who knows, since it "is" a Gucci and many of us do follow the trends, then there MUST be someone who will buy it!  So, if this helmet "speaks to you", for a mere $3,499.00, you will be able to show your fellow barn buddies that in addition to your riding prowess, you also posses a keen fashion sense!

*the below captioned excerpt was copied directly from eBay (insignificant parts were removed to save space)

Brand New 100% Authentic Gucci Leather Equestrian Riding Helmet - Size 57

Limited edition, was purchased in Europe. Less than 50 was made, very hard to find piece. Newer been used, original tag still attached, comes with plastic cover, dust bag and original Gucci box.
* Made in Italy
* Condition: Brand new, perfect condition, no damage or discoloration!

So, guys, come on, any takers or, at a minimum, any comments?


Karen said...

lol I think it's hideous!

TBDancer said...

This is a perfect example of what happens when some "fashionista" decides to take on a tradition about which he, she or it knows nothing, and when that tradition should be left alone.

Just sayin'.

The Thoroughbred Hunter Lady said...

Hey there TBDancer, you hit that right on, a "he she or it" attempting to design a critical piece of safety equipment that ends up, like Karen said, lookin' absolutely hideous!

allhorsestuff said...

Ugly x10!