Wednesday, October 12, 2011

George Morris Mark III Helmet by Pegasus

Presenting the Pegasus George Morris Mark III Helmet

" a recent post I talked about being a winner in the Riders4Helmets "Helmet GiveAWay" Contest.  In my humble opinion, this contest increased "helmet awareness" and it was also one of the many ways this group continues to illustrate the importance of wearing safety headgear.  Furthermore, donations by many top name helmet companies, such as GPA, Samshield, Troxel, Tipperary, etc., aided in making the contest a success!  In addition to these top name brands, a relative newcomer to the helmet market, Pegasus Helmets, also donated quite a few helmets to benefit the cause!  And, as one of the winners, I was the lucky recipient of their George Morris Mark III show helmet!"

I was excited to be a winner but more so because I was looking forward to trying a new brand of helmet and I have to report that Pegasus helmets did not disappoint!  So, without further adieu, please allow me to give you my personal review of this "classy" helmet!

First and foremost, George Morris actually endorses this helmet!  Now, I don't know if that means anything to you but none-the-less, it does have a seal of approval from this well known, top notch rider!  And, as for my endorsement (I may not be well known or be a top notch rider) but I like to think I'm well versed on what makes for quality equestrian gear and clothing)! 

Upon arrival, I opened the box to find a very beautiful helmet!  It has such a classic look that it actually brings back memories of days gone by, days when we called a "riding helmet" a "hunt cap"!

This helmet is so light and comfortable that you actually forget it's on your head and as for me, I know that I have a better ride when my helmet isn't giving me a headache!  I researched the Pegasus website and then talked to the creator of the line, Ron Friedson, a long time horse person who really makes an consistent effort to maintain customer satisfaction.  It was then I discovered that the company's use of 17 different head molds make for a custom-like fit!  For example, the very first time I put it on, there were no "pinch" spots nor were there any "loose" spots, just a comfortable fit, right out of the box! 

As for the actual outward appearance of this helmet, the velvety exterior, the classic bow sewn in on the back of the helmet plus a decorative braid across the top of the brim, adds even more elegance to the classic design of this model!  Also, the skin-colored, leather harness system offers a myriad of adjustment possibilities.  I especially like the fact that the beauty and form of this helmet doesn't negate its function as a necessary piece of equestrian safety gear!"

If you are in the market for a show helmet or even a schooling helmet, you might want to take a look at the Pegasus website.  You will then be able to see their entire collection and if my helmet is any indication of how the other helmets fit, I'm quite sure you'll love your helmet as much as I love mine! 

*I have not and will not receive any compensation for my glowing review, the purpose of my post is merely my way of letting my readers (and anyone else who happens along) know what I think of this new-to-the-market helmet!


Barbara said...

I miss the hunt cap for elegance. I have one of what we referred to as skunk helmets when they first came out. And it is comfortable, fits well and is a great piece of safety equipment, I would like the option of looking more traditional in the ring. Glad to hear that this helmet is available.

Story said...

I would love to think there might be a return to classic styling on helmets. Maybe I'm just showing my age, but I just can't get into the ones you see most of the riders wearing these days. I love the details of the old ones. This George Morris helmet looks exactly like something I'd wear! Thanks for the review.

Chloe & Incredibly Put said...

This is perfect for what I've been looking for! I've recently gotten back into showing and I'm trying to get my horse back in shape for some of the shows we used to attend. I need a new helmet and this seems like a perfect contender.

Corinna said...

Oh congrats, I didn't know you were one of the winners! The campaign was really so very effective and wonderful; the blogging community really got behind the message and word spread like wildfire. I shared on my blog, which then spread the message to my family members (and particularly my little polo playing brother, who loves to just hop on and stick and ball... without a helmet. As any big sister would, I want to throttle him when he is that irresponsible!)

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog! Why not come over and post this for more to follow at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network