Friday, April 25, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame

....Cathy and Valie as seen in the "Chronicle"!

....if you read last week's issue of "The Chronicle of the Horse" and happened upon an article about an completely unknown, "older" woman that returned to riding after many years; well, guess what, that article was all about me!  For some strange reason, COTH's Assistant Editor, Molly Sorge, thought that my life with horses and dogs might be of interest to some people and even though the only thing that I feel is interesting about my life, is the fact that I make it through each day, I still agreed to be interviewed!  Frankly, I was awe-struck after reading the finished article by Ms. Sorge because first and foremost, she is an incredible writer and try as I might, I just don't understand how she gleaned so much knowledge about me in what I thought was a short telephone interview and I actually found myself thinking that "this person she was writing about was quite interesting"!  But, reality hit pretty quickly when my phone rang and lo and behold, an equestrian friend of mine wanted to know whom I had to bribe to get myself in the famously, long-standing Chronicle!  Oh well, that's when the "House Lights Went Dim" and I knew that my "15 Minutes of Fame" was really over!

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