Monday, February 10, 2020

50 MPH Winds & My Horse

So, sitting here tonight while listening to 50 mph winds, my mind wanders to the barn and as such I wonder how the horses are faring during this crazy New England weather!  But, I know that the barn owner is a wonderful caretaker and if anything at all was amiss, she would be contacting all of us via an instantaneous group text message.  And with that reminder to myself, my mind reverted to "at ease"!

Over the past couple of years, I've returned to blogging many times, a post here and a post there but  I was hardly doing so on a consistent basis  However now, with my new status as an Ambassador for ProChaps, I'm inspired to get their message out there but, the truth is that I really do love to write and what better way to do so than to blog about my life with horses!

Since I want to keep this official "back to blogging" post short and sweet, I give you two things  - one is a photograph of Valie and I after a Dressage clinic in Connecticut with International FEI Competitor, Luis Reteguiz-Denizard and two, I promise to return, very soon, with thoughts about Valie's "various moves into various barns" since the day he came into my life !"

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