Sunday, March 14, 2010

KGA Morgans

After recently posting the specifics about Valie's new home, it only seems fair that I add a couple of photos that depict the natural beauty of this facility. The owner, Maggie Hood, did an incredible job of designing and building this barn, it is light and airy and very beautiful (as you can can clearly see by by viewing the photos!). You may also notice references to team sports and it goes without saying that Ms. Hood is one staunch supporter of our Boston teams! I also want to take a moment to mention KGA's Head Trainer, Nicki Rae Woodworth, a very talented individual who has won many Morgan Championships and has trained multiple riders to other top honors. Moreover, Peter Wheeler, yet another trainer at KGA is quite versatile and as much as he now focuses on the Saddle Seat Discipline, I recently found that he comes from a Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing background and surprisingly, we both discovered that we know many of the same people from the past - talk about a walk down Memory Lane (there is actually a memory lane in my hometown of Milford, Massachusetts!).

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