Monday, February 15, 2010

The Belated New Year's Post

Well, here it is, only an hour and one half since Valentine's day screeched to a halt and I'm finally getting around to the post I planned to write on January 1st! Oh well, "better late than never"; so, here goes!

After Lindsey and I managed to extricate ourselves from the fiasco of having to put our business venture on hold, yet again, I want to send a big thanks to Darryl Johnson for putting us in a position so that we got to watch our dreams as they went down the drain. This evil property owner forced us out of our home/barn just as we were about to move into the house (our horses were already in the barn) and then purchase the entire farm! But hey, that in-depth story will be told at a later date! So anyway, there we were, three horses and two woman and no place to go but as I described in an earlier post, we found a temporary home with my friend Liz and sadly, while there, we lost the beautiful Thoroughbred, Lily, to colic and then, of course, wore out our welcome rather fast (sorry to David, Liz's husband!). So, we made plans for William and he was leased out to the barn manager at an eventing barn, Coursebrook Farm in Sherborn, MA and was and continues to get the best of care! 

My guy Valie and I found our way to Kelly Green Acres in Mendon, MA. It then seemed as if life suddenly took a calm turn as we began to re-evaluate our plans yet again. However, as it is today, we are beginning to search for property but since that is in an early stage, let me tell you about Valie's new accomodations first! That Thoroughbred of mine is living in the lap of luxury in what I deem to be the most beautiful state-of-the-art farm I've ever seen. The outside of this brand new farm looks like a beautiful Georgian Colonial home and if you didn't know that you looking at a barn from the outside, you would never guess that its inhabitants had four legs rather than two! The barn is a comfortable 50 - 55 degrees and despite the temps dropping into the teens, you don't need to wear anything more than a light jacket or a sweatshirt and even then, as you groom your horse, get him ready to ride, etc., you find yourself ditching the sweatshirt because you just don't need it! Ahhhh, what a wonderful pleasure it is to be able to work comfortably with your horse in the dead of Winter! Moreover, the horses need nothing more than a light sheet. So, since I only owned heavy winter blankets with neck attachments, etc., I was off to Smartpak to buy a sheet! By the way, while we are on the subject of sheets, etc., let me just say that Smartpak is now producing their own line of sheets, blankets, etc. and they are extremely well made, very cost effective and Valie looks so handsome in his Blackwatch Plaid sheet! I will snap a pic or two very soon so that you can see for yourself how good he looks in his new duds!

Anyway, back to describing the farm - It has four wash stalls complete with climate controlled water, an equisite tack room and it has storage rooms, a utility sink room, separate grain room (something I really like as I feel that every barn should keep grain and supplements away from eveything else) and big, comfortable stalls all made in solid oak paneled wood! The lounge which is a also the indoor arena observation room, leads to the attached indoor (with incredible footing) and the luxury continues with couches, chairs, kitchen facilities and more and then, for those of us that feel the need to take a shower after we ride, there is a huge heated bathroom with said shower! I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this barn and while it is only on an interim basis, it is only 10 minutes from home and my horse is happy and especially so when he will soon get to turnout in lush, green pastures and ride on hundreds on acres of trails!
"....with that said, I am going to retire for the night and since I have now just fielded the second "wrong number" of the evening, from a guy looking for "Fran" who keeps calling me "babe" while he drunkenly apologizes for making the mistake again, I think it's best that I unplug the phone and go to bed for the night!"

I'll try my hardest to talk on a more consistent basis as I do not want to be considered one of those "fly by night" bloggers that have nothing to offer in "Blog Land"!

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